Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Everyone is on a unique journey, at a unique place and time in their life. This journey is your life and your mind shapes everything around you. So get your mind under your control! Raise your awareness of yourself, your attitude and your behavior. No don't be a self absorbed and selfish person. Be a little egoistic. Yes, Egoistic. We all are egoistic to some extent. We all want to improve our life and our potentials. It is very important to be egoistic in your life. Self awareness and self improvement is strong indication of being alive. When you wake up in morning, be aware of your body, your appearance, your state of mind, your grace, your body position, your expression, your choice of words, your reactions, and your actions. Yes, you have heard this before. It is not a cliche', it is the truth. I was one of those people who defied self awareness in the name of grace or some other reason that I can't remember now. But over time I learned that I can ignore it all I want, it doesn't devalue the notion. It is a straight forward equation, be aware of your mind and you can have the life you want. No it is NOT easy. But it is the nucleus of your success.

It feels good to declutter :-)

I am in the middle of selling the current house and moving to an apartment ordeal. The task of simplifying and downsizing is physically and ...