Thursday, October 31, 2013

Explore yourself

I am the kind of person who constantly reflect and want to improve an aspect of my life. I reflect selectively and choose my desired improvements purposefully. This allows me to explore my own opinions, values and limitations. I don't reach the optimum results at first and I don't expect that either. It is through consistent and meaningful exploration of my thoughts and behavior that I expand my knowledge of myself. Psychologically, we have four spheres
Window Panes of Self Knowledge
My attempt is always to expand my known self and definitely shrink the unknown self and get more insight on my blind self. It takes conscious and persistent effort to accomplish that. My first strategy is to listen to myself when I talk, in private and public. I want to hear my voice and my opinions, from the tone and pitch of my voice to the choice of words and the quality of my thoughts. It works wonders. So listen to yourself as you talk to others. How are you talking? What are you saying? After a few observations, you know more about your communication style. Listen to others about yourself. What do they praise in you? What do they talk to you about? Do they seek your opinion or do you offer them freely? You can even ask a few trusted friends for feedback.I am yet to complete the last suggestion myself. I am honestly scared to find out. I would prefer honest comments and not just positive praise. I want to explore my blind self. This helps misconceptions that you might have about yourself. You might think you are very sociable while others think you are nosy and annoying or vice versa. Remember the purpose of this exploration is to know yourself better and see if you want to make some adjustments to your wonderful self. 
If you really have time and want more scientific explanation on the self exploration topic, you can use the following link:
Of all the time spent online on google, pinterest, twitter and facebook, not much in learned about self. This is the most important yet the least invested concept of our lives. 
Moving on, the unknown self seems harmless at first. But looking closer, this is our greatest potentials lying dormant under the piles of daily chaos. Most people age without knowing their full potentials. I admit that we can't have it all. We possibly can't explore our fullest potentials due to the complexity of life itself. It doesn't mean we should try to scrape the surface. We all owe it to ourselves to see what we are capable of to some extent. I try to do by educating myself and renewing my long term goals in life. Three years ago, I wanted to be an RN working at a hospital setting. I am an RN and haven't even worked at a hospital yet and I already have updated my dreams. I want to be working overseas with the less fortunate. I am learning about such organizations and trying to improve my abilities so I can offer something valuable when I earn the chance. I used to shy away from facts of life like violence against women and children. I thought it was too stressful. I changed my mindset and started educating myself more on such subjects. This helped me know more of my unknown self. I know I will not be happy living a luxuries and empty life. It is as if I am getting closer to finding out my purpose of life. At first, I thought I had to choose between one extreme or the other. My own perception of loyalty to a value wasn't clear to me. Upon reflection on such matters, I realized I can adopt a middle path. I don't shy away from evaluating my choices and preferences and amending them as necessary. I am proud of it and I strongly recommend to the brave and confident ones out there. Start digging. 

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